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Over the final a few a long time there have been occurrences that have brought in to address the measures being taken to avoid any ill-willed occurrence. Here at Drivars, we are not fair responsive, but proactive to guarantee your security and a comfortable journey. Let’s concede it, giving over your keys and sitting in a car with a stranger, is very a nerve-racking event that evokes numerous considerations. How do I know I’m secure? Who is driving me? Is he prepared? Is he qualified?… The list goes on, and there’s a reply to each. At Drivars, we have a fastidious contracting and preparing to prepare that each driver goes through.

Basically, on the off chance that the driver isn’t somebody, we’d send alongside our family, at that point we won’t send them alongside you!

Our need is your wellbeing, and we guarantee security through the accompanying measures.

1. Confront to Confront talk

The starting step is to have an up-close and individual talk with each driver that walks in. It’s a nice assembly to study the competitors’ mien. Their communication, tone, capacity to communicate in neighborhood tongues and fundamental English is a basic have to be taken under consideration a varying set of clients.

2. Report Confirmation

If the candidate comfortably passes the first round, we conduct verification and background checks. Documents like his Aadhar card, driving license (Issued and recognized by the central government), address proof, etc. are collected and matched against a government database. We also check his previous employment details, qualifications, and court records.

Enjoy with your family we will drive your vehicle

3. Training & Support

Usually our mystery ingredient. Our drivers are prepared to be the finest in the lesson. Their driving aptitudes are evaluated and cleaned. All drivers must take after a particular code of conduct on obligation. Compliance and great mien on the work warrant great evaluations, for which they will be compensated. Hones like holding the entryway for clients particularly seniors, making a difference with baggage, being careful of their consolation (alterations with the discuss conditioner, seats, music) are a few little subtle elements that go a long way. We guarantee that each driver is touchy to particular prerequisites that will emerge.

Post-training, the drivers are administered for a span of time. We prepare our drivers in a way that’s best caught on by each one, in this way improving each individual’s potential to succeed. In uncommon cases, in case flawed behavior is recorded, it is hailed and activity is promptly taken. Whereas that stands true for the whole residency, the starting few days witness more tightly supervision and certain confinements.

Handover of car keys in a dealership

So there you’ve got it. Each driver is checked, trained, and foundation confirmed in order to supply YOU with the most, excellent and most secure, encounter! In addition, since our driver’s polished skill, numerous clients select Drivars over neighborhood suppliers. This leads to an increment in driver profit and more joyful driver accomplices!

In spite of our drivers being well-groomed and prepared, we still go a step assist and offer drive protections to grant you peace of intellect in case of sad disasters.

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